Let's learn tcpdump!

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Ever wanted to know how to use tcpdump, but were intimidated by all the command line options? I was too! But then I learned it, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. In this zine we'll explain:

- what kinds of questions you can answer with tcpdump

- how to interpret tcpdump output

- which command line arguments are the really important ones

- how to write a BPF filter to filter tcpdump output

- and more!!

You can see the pages on command line arguments here to get an idea of what it's like! https://twitter.com/b0rk/status/855835321006784512

This is a PDF! It's 12 pages: just what you need to know, not a huge manual. It includes a version you can read on your computer, and a copy you can print out, fold, staple and read on the train!

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Let's learn tcpdump!

2 ratings