Bite size linux!

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Confused about what a system call is? Heard the term "file descriptor" but not sure what it means? This zine is for you!! It has 19 important Linux concepts, each explained with a simple 1-page comic.

You'll learn about threads, permissions, processes, memory allocation, mmap, shared libraries, and much more!

You'll get a delightful PDF of a 24-page zine that you can either read online or print out & share with your friends!

Print directions:

The "print version" is formatted so that when you print it on your printer, it will fold correctly. You'll need to:

* make sure it's set to "landscape"

* print double sided

* choose "long edge" (not "short edge").

Some people have told me that the emails from Gumroad after buying the zine end up in their spam folder, so check there if you don't see it!

You can find me on Twitter at and my email address is

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Bite size linux!

211 ratings