HTTP: Learn your browser's language

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Are you confused by CORS? Have you seen GET and POST requests but aren't sure how they work exactly? Not sure what HTTP/2 is or what changes you're going to have to make to your website to support it?

HTTP is the protocol that the browser uses when it visits every website, and this zine explains how it works. This zine's goal is to help you understand HTTP requests and responses, so that when something goes wrong you can debug it by looking at your HTTP requests, checking the documentation, and fixing the problem instead of changing random things and guessing.

It covers:

- all the HTTP request methods (what do GET and POST mean?)
- Common HTTP request headers (Content-Type!)
- How to make requests to HTTP APIs
- status codes (301? 302? 404? 503?)
- CORS and the same origin policy
- CDNs
- HTTPS & certificates
- cookies
- redirects
- HTTP/2

You'll get a delightful PDF of a 28-page zine that you can either read online or print out & share with your friends!

Print directions:

The "print version" is formatted so that when you print it on your printer, it will fold correctly. You'll need to:

* make sure it's set to "landscape"

* print double sided

* choose "long edge" (not "short edge").

Some people have told me that the emails from Gumroad after buying the zine end up in their spam folder, so check there if you don't see it!

You can find me on Twitter at and my email address is

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HTTP: Learn your browser's language

271 ratings