Help! I have a manager!

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Help! I have a manager!

Julia Evans
47 ratings

Ever felt confused about what your manager's job is? Don't know how to communicate with them? Want to get promoted but aren't sure how it works? This zine gives you a few tips for how to work together with your manager better! It explains how you and your manager can work ❤together❤ to get awesome work done.

What's in the zine

You'll get a 20-page PDF that you can download, read on your computer, and print into a booklet if you want to!

Table of contents:

- what's your manager's job?

- what to talk about in 1:1s

- set clear expectations

- talk about problems early

- promotions & performance reviews

- understand their priorities

- figure out what they're GREAT at

- ask for specific feedback

- getting a new manager

Print directions:

The "print version" is formatted so that when you print it on your printer, it will fold correctly. (printing it out and giving copies to your friends is totally allowed! :)) You'll need to:

* make sure it's set to "landscape"

* print double sided

* choose "long edge" (not "short edge").

Some people have told me that the emails from Gumroad after buying the zine end up in their spam folder, so check there if you don't see it!

You can find me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/b0rk and my email address is julia@jvns.ca.

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